Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this training program cost the customer?

There is minimal or no direct cost to the customer. The critical investment needed from the customer is time to assist in the development of a program that meets your needs.

What type of training do you provide?

We provide company-specific customized training that can be done prior to or during employment. Often, a combination of pre- and post-employment training best suits the customers needs.

What does this training mean to me, the employer?

Training that occurs prior to employment allows the customer to assess and evaluate a potential employee, while at the same time allowing the trainee to become familiar with your company and product. We commit to provide you with employees who have the entry-level skills necessary to safely produce a quality product. Most customers find that this type of training helps the employee to reach required quality standards much more quickly than an employee who is not trained.

What quality control measures do you have in place?

We develop our training programs in partnership with our customers to ensure that the programs meet or exceed the customer's needs. Evaluation points are built into all areas of the training to allow the customer and readySC™ staff to review trainee progress and program content.

How long will I be able to receive training services?

The training program ends when we have provided you with the number of successfully trained employees agreed upon, or for as long as you are creating new jobs with competitive wages and benefits. We cannot train for attrition. Over half of the training that we conduct is for existing companies who are expanding their operations.

Who will help me with my ongoing training needs after this training is completed?

The Continuing Education Divisions of all sixteen Technical Colleges have the responsibility to provide ongoing training for existing employees to business and industry in their service area. There is a charge for these services. Our staff will assist you in making contact with the Continuing Education staff at the local college.

What conditions or agreements are there in order to receive training services from readySC™?

There are no contracts or legal agreements involved, but we require the jobs projected must be permanent and pay a competitive wage for the area. The benefit package must include health insurance. The numbers of jobs created must be sufficient enough to allow readySC™ to provide training in a cost-effective manner.

How are you going to train people on my equipment?

If your training is conducted in a pre-employment environment away from your facility, we will install the equipment at a temporary training site. If the equipment is unique to your process we would like to borrow it and set it up for training and return it to you at the end of the project less normal wear and tear. If the training is conducted at your facility it may be necessary to isolate the equipment from the production line. Because of legal reasons, anything produced by students prior to employment must become property of the state. Any product produced once an employee is hired may go into the market place. We also can support vendor equipment training under pre-determined agreements.

What kinds of applicants/trainees participate in the program?

Our typical applicant is employed, has 13 years of school and is 32 years old. Many of our applicants are underemployed, skilled, experienced people looking for a shift change, more money, work that is closer to home, or a different work environment. Trainees exhibit strong interest and motivation in the new jobs and some attend training from a wide area for no pay or guarantee of a job, usually after working a 10-hour shift!