Kobelco SK210KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA offers industry-leading crawler excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 245,000 lb. classes including zero tail swing, compact, standard, long-reach, mass excavation, and demolition models.


Well-known as the excavator authority, KOBELCO is committed to producing quality machines with advanced productivity-boosting features and innovative technologies. With premier capabilities such as no time limit power boost and exclusive independent travel, KOBELCO machines ensure superior performance and efficiency for the toughest worksite challenges.


KOBELCO excavators prepare the site for the company‚Äôs new North American manufacturing facility.KOBELCO chose the Spartanburg location from nearly 50 candidate sites across eight states for the property’s vast amount of land and nearby access to major domestic ports. Sitting on approximately 85 acres, KOBELCO’s $41 million investment involves the development of a 156,000 square foot production plant, 17,000 square foot office building and areas for both machinery parking and testing. The property also provides KOBELCO with plenty of space for future production capacity expansion. With site preparation for the facility underway, construction is expected to be complete in December 2015 and mass production of 1,800 units/year will begin in January 2016.