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Essential functions and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Turret truck operator is responsible for moving material throughout the warehouse in narrow aisles.
  • Organize and secure stored materials such as bales, super sacks, boxes, pallets, and so on.
  • Load or unload materials manually, off or on to pallets, platforms, skids, or lifting devises.
  • Perform routine post and pre-inspections to ensure suitable working nature or forklift equipment.
  • Report to supervisor regarding any damage to racks, faulty equipment, or any other safety hazards.
  • Weigh products or materials, and recording weight and further production information on labels and tags.
  • Consult, work with, and coordinate with supervisors, managers, equipment manufactures, and employees regarding unloading and loading operations.
  • Wrap material loads with an automated wrapping machine and maintain a clean workspace.
  • Complete forklift operator training provided by the industry annually.
  • Perform other duties as allotted by a manager or supervisor.

To be considered for training, please answer the following questions. Check the box if your answer is yes.

Do you have a high school diploma or GED?


Do you have a valid driver’s license?


Do you have 1+ year working experience in driving a turret/swing reach truck? (Prior forklift or material handling equipment is preferred.)


Do you have excellent teamwork skills?


Do you have the ability to read labels and numbers?


Do you have the ability to operate in high speed and fast-paced environment?


Do you have the ability to add, subtract, and multiply?

YES Are you in good physical health?

Are you able to follow instructions as directed by the supervisor?

YES Are you in good physical health and able to stand for a long time?

Are you able to lift 60 lbs. with or without manual or mechanical assistance?

Are you able to answer "yes" to each of the questions above?

YES               NO