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Essential functions and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct technical communication with customers;

  • Provide initial quotation information and technical requirements for suppliers;

  • Coordinate other tasks before new product projects are designated;

  • Organize review required by customers;

  • Organize to output technical documents and update data;

  • Make product acceptance planning and size approval;

  • Provide support for making measurement planning and manufacturing process planning;

  • Support development of suppliers;

  • Support design and identification of logistics plans;

  • Back up acceptance check of molds and gauges;

  • Support verification of logistics plans;

  • Responsible for technical management of products of mass production;

  • Finish other tasks assigned by superiors.

To be considered for training, please answer the following questions. Check the box if your answer is yes.

Do you have a Bachelor’s degree or above, majored in machinery and polymer specialty?

Do you have 2+ years’ experience in product development projects? (Experience in auto industry is preferred.)


Do you have knowledge of at least two types of production technology and process among parts, materials, tooling and packaging?

YES Do you have knowledge of performance and structure of plastic products?
YES Do you have knowledge of product acceptance process of main engine plant?
YES Do you have knowledge of quality standards for plastic parts?
YES Do you have knowledge of TS16949 quality system?
YES Do you have organizational capability?
YES Do you have communication and coordination skills?
YES Do you have problem-solving ability?
YES Do you have operating skills of computer, office devices and software?


If you able to answer "yes" to each of the questions above,
apply by putting the position name in the subject line and emailing your resume to HR.US@minghua.tech