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  • Leader of the niche market and the closest strategic partner with BMW.
  • Respect customers, and be customer-oriented.
  • Safety first.
  • Care for employees, respect and involve into local culture, respect local religion, customs and habits.
  • Be an attractive employer in the located area.
  • Pragmatic, dedicated, professional and competitive team.
  • Respect personal value, stimulating innovation.
  • Abide by local laws and regulations,establish friendly and cooperative relationships with local partners and governments, etc.

Transparent Policy, Fair and Competitive Job Opportunities

  • The company requests that staffs of all levels should pursue the open and transparent policy; offers fair and competitive opportunities to all job seekers.


  • We respect all talented persons. In the practice of recruiting, we highly request that the applicants should obey the laws, possess professional ethics besides the proper skills and experiences for the jobs applied.
  • Various channels should be developed for effective recruiting, including publishing advertisements on websites, organizing recruiting fairs, cooperating with personnel headhunters, internal promotion or recommendation etc.
  • Build up localized and competitive management and modern operation teams.

Salary and Welfare

  • To guarantee competitive position in the located area, the company offers attractive salary policy.
  • With fully consideration of the laws and industry level in the located area, the company offers favorable welfare package. (such as: health insurance、worker compensation insurance、annual leave、401K,etc.)
  • Provide dental insurance to key and excellent employees and medical insurance to their families.

Job Rotation

  • Excellent staffs will obtain the job rotation opportunity globally within our Group.
  • Establish job rotation system. Staffs at key management positions should have more advantageous opportunity in promotion or salary increase after their job rotations are fulfilled.


  • We offer sufficient trainings to all our staffs, which is in accord with the human resource strategy of our company.
  • Excellent staffs should get the opportunities to be trained in BMW, Germany and China.
  • Build up training program cooperate with customers、suppliers、famous colleges and universities as well as other institutions.

Performance Management

  • A performance evaluation system from the headquarters will be implemented in the MH USA plant to key personnel.
  • The performance evaluation result can influence the bonus to a certain extent.
  • Competition and elimination regulation will be setup in the company.

Talent Pool

  • The talent pool is built up through both internal training and external personnel hunting.
  • The company is very much concerned about the core talents and will cooperate consistently with professional institutions, excellent colleges and universities, so that sufficient potential resources of core talents can be ensured.

Staffs Development

  • The long-term staffs have more advantageous opportunity if the applicants of any job position have the same level of qualifications.
  • The staffs with high company culture identity have more advantageous opportunity to be long-term employees.
  • The company offers fast development channel to young employees with high potential.
  • The company should care for employees and their families based on the people-orientated principle.

Safety and Environment

  • The company is actively involved in providing a safe, non-poisonous and harmless work site and a good work environment in line with occupational health requirements.

Privacy and Protection

  • The company shows full respect to and protects personal privacy of all employees.