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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Michelin unique as an employer? 

Respect for people is one of the Company’s core values. It means that our employees’ development, self-fulfillment and commitment are at the heart
of our Company’s objectives and performance.  Working in the Michelin Group is a personal choice that brings motivation and purpose. It calls for
“Moving Forward Together,” a mutual commitment between the employee and the Company, which begins when an employee joins the Company and continues throughout a personalized, long-term career.

Michelin is a company with a unique personality. In the late nineteenth century, the Michelin brothers said: “It’s not with yesterday’s progress that we should be working but with tomorrow’s.”  This passion for innovation, products, quality and customers has always guided the Group’s efforts to improve mobility.  Our internationally known brand unites our employees.  Grounded in respect for common values, the trust between Michelin and its employees can be felt upon joining the Company, in open, frank working relationships and in close-knit teams that work together to promote the Company’s performance. This trust builds individual and collective commitment to achieving results.

Q: What is the work environment at Michelin like?

Michelin focuses continuously on improving safety in the workplace.  We work to create a workplace environment that is modern and pleasant, to
develop work post ergonomics that are suitable for everyone, and to create a sound work-life balance that supports employee health and well-being. 
The company fosters the ability to get to know one another through sporting and cultural activities and family events.  Michelin also has a strong corporate social responsibility demonstrated through involvement in local community life.

Q: What is the Michelin application process?

Candidate must meet the minimum requirements:

•  Must be 18 years or older
•  Must be able to rotate shifts
•  Must be willing to work 12 hours
•  Must be willing to work overtime as required
•  Must be willing to work on weekends
•  Manufacturing experience preferred but not required
•  Must be willing to work in an empowered, quality driven environment
•  Candidate must apply in person at SC Works, McAlister Square, Suite E-1, 225 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC
•  Previous applicants must reapply for consideration.
•  Please do not call Michelin PRIME directly as it will not have your application information.

Q: What happens after my application has been submitted?

•  Candidate selected to complete Michelin application
•  Candidate screened by Michelin
•  Successful candidates are selected for an interview
•  Candidate potentially hired