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Measuring Progress from the Triple Bottom Line

Values that guide Giti Tire to success everyday:

"To be a Preferred Provider"

Reliable Products - Delivering value, reliable performance, and quality.

Innovation - Bringing insights, innovation, and creativity to the continuous process of building and improving our trusted brands.

Quality Services - Listening to our customers and striving to meet or exceed their needs and expectations, in a service focused environment.

Partnerships - Engaging with our customers and building long-term relationships with superior value added in our partnerships, on a foundation built on integrity.

"To be a Preferred Employer"

Leadership - Embracing a winning spirit, sharing skills, demanding integrity, focusing on priorities, and becoming a workplace of choice.

Empowerment - Building on a culture of continuous improvement, we encourage our people to share knowledge and experience in an environment that builds trust, creating an open communication channel that transcends boundaries.

Growth – Encouraging personal growth through skills training, development, and career advancement opportunities.

"To be a Preferred Investment"

Shareholder Value – Maximizing shareholders’ value through continuous growth and upholding our market leadership in the industry, while being supported by responsible management practices.

Corporate Governance - Embracing full responsibility to our stakeholders, we are committed towards the highest levels of integrity, business ethics, and transparency.

Sustainability – Achieving sustainable growth while being mindful of our responsibility to the environment and the people who live in it.