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In the late 1950s and 1960s, South Carolina faced a serious problem. Young people were leaving the state, where agriculture was the economic base, to take jobs in other states where industry was growing. The state had no mechanism in place to offer training services to its citizens or to help draw industry into the state. In 1961, a joint legislative study committee was formed to examine this problem. The subsequent recommendations made by this committee resulted in one of the most significant pieces of legislation in South Carolina 's history.


The specific recommendations regarding technical training (outside the existing high school program) fell into two main categories:


  1. An intensive program to provide immediate training for established industries and for particular industries; and
  2. A technical training program to train high school graduates for initial employment as technicians in industry and to offer trade extension courses for people desiring employment in industry and to those already employed who want to improve their skills.



Guided by this committee's recommendation, the 1961 General Assembly enacted legislation which authorized the establishment of the South Carolina Advisory Committee for Technical Training. This act provided for an eight-member committee, appointed by the governor and representatives of each of the state's congressional districts.


One of the advisory committee's first actions was to appoint a coordinator of technical and industrial training and move immediately to implement the industry training program (first named Special Schools) which was mandated by the authorizing legislation.


Once the Special Schools program was underway, attention turned to the establishment of the companion program of permanent technical education institutions (now the state's 16 technical colleges). The main goal in planning the system was simple and pragmatic -- to make a suitable training program available to any adult South Carolinian who wanted to obtain a marketable skill.

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As an integral part of the SC Technical College System, The Center for Accelerated Technology Training and its readySC™ program work together with the 16 technical colleges to prepare South Carolina's workforce to meet the needs of your company.


Established in 1961, readySC™ is one of the oldest and most experienced workforce training programs in the United States. We are ready to bring this experience and expertise to work for your company.


  • We are ready to quickly and successfully start up your new facility.
  • We are ready to help you seamlessly expand your existing facility.
  • We are ready to discover the skills, knowledge and abilities needed at your facility.
  • We are ready to design new and innovative training solutions customized specifically for your needs.
  • We are ready to respond to your time frames and deadlines no matter how tight.
  • We are ready to deliver world-class training and project management.

readySC™ sums up perfectly our message to companies that are considering a relocation or expansion in South Carolina.

We are ready!


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